Stand Out With Multi-Touch Campaigns


Looking for a way to stand out among your competitors and get results? Try sending a multi-touch campaign!

Multi-touch campaigns are a great way to build your credibility. Since you are mailing to a single list of leads more than one time, you stay on the minds of your target audience. At Yellow Letters Complete, we can help you create a unique cost-effective campaign with a variety of mail piece and color options to choose from.

Multi-touch campaigns also serve as an effective way to test a variety of mail piece options. Without testing, it can be difficult to gauge which mail piece will bring you the most success. What works well can differ from one audience to another. However, you can increase your chances by trying different approaches with each touch.  You can learn more about the many benefits of a multi-touch campaign here.

When creating your multi-touch campaign, we can make each touch unique. This can include varying the ink, paper, and card stock color. You can also simply mix and match your mail pieces to each touch stands out among your target audience. Depending on the season, we can also coordinate your campaign to match! With spring in bloom, here is a great example of a seasonal multi-touch campaign:

We offer a variety of mail piece options to help you make the most of your campaign including postcards, yellow letters, stationery letters, and more! Let the friendly staff at Yellow Letters Complete help prepare your colorful direct mail marketing campaign today! Visit here to learn more.