Staying in touch with customers


It’s a lot cheaper to keep an existing customer than to find a new one. In fact, it is nearly 10 times as costly to find a new customer as it is to keep a current one. So, what can you do to keep an existing customer?

Follow-up – do you check in with your customers to see how things are going?
Do you ask them what they thought of your service, did it meet their expectations?
Do you send them a thank you card, thanking them for their business?

A simple follow-up to thank the customer for their business can go a long way in reminding them of the experience they had with your business as well as keeping your name in front of them. You can also use the thank you follow-up as a way of reminding your customer to schedule their next visit or inform them about upcoming promotions.

We know you’re busy, that’s why we can now help you with handwritten thank you cards so you can stay in touch with your customers. You’ll have more of your customers returning, helping you grow your business!