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Targeted Mailing Lists – An Overview

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Want to get your phone ringing with motivated sellers? At Yellow Letters Complete, we provide a variety of mailing list options for you to choose from. With us, you can ensure you are getting high quality and up to date targeted mailing lists. To help you maintain a competitive advantage, we also suppress our leads for six months. This means your mailing list won’t be available to any other customers for six months after purchase, helping lower competition.  

Not sure where to start? No problem! We provide a variety of mailing list filter options and can work with you to help you define and locate your ideal target audience. In addition to helping you create custom targeted mailing lists, here are some of our most popular leads lists options:

Absentee Owned Leads

Absentee owned leads include properties that may be rentals, vacation homes, or a house that is sitting vacant after the tenants have moved. To help you create a targeted list, we can include filters for equity, purchase date, and date of birth of the owner among others. When running a count for your area, we typically start with a date of birth targeting a retirement age for the owner (retirement age usually helps with motivation to sell) as well as a purchase date of at least 5 years ago (older purchase dates also help with motivation). We can also include build date, loan to value, number of bedrooms, and many more!

Property Buyer

Property buyers can be found by reaching out to high net worth or renter leads. Leads that are currently renting work well if you are looking for a lease option tenant or have a starter home that you are looking to sell. The high net worth leads include individuals that have a minimum of $1,000,000 in liquid assets. We can also filter your list for real estate investors including the number of properties the person owns loan to value, and a recent purchase date to help target your list.

Notice of Default Leads

Notice of default leads include owners that are currently in the foreclosure process. We can filter these leads by the date of the foreclosure filing or auction date. Defaulted borrowers are often more motivated. Plus, since these lists are public record, you don’t have to worry about compliance concerns.

The key to successful direct mail marketing campaigns are high quality targeted mailing lists. So give us a call today and let us help you get your phone ringing!

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