Testing and Tracking Your Direct Mail Campaign

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

After you have created a marketing plan, carefully crafted your mail piece, and targeted your leads, you may feel like your direct mail marketing is set to go. However, to help ensure continued success, testing and tracking your results after your campaign has been mailed is crucial. As we all know, with direct mail marketing, one size does not fit all.  It’s important to experiment to find which marketing techniques are most effective in your area!

How to Test Your Direct Mail

To test your area, you must be willing to experiment with your mailing lists and mail pieces. This can help you discover winning combinations that bring you the best results!

As you experiment and test your direct mail marketing, you may need to test a new mail piece, mailing list type, or even geographic area. At Yellow Letters Complete, we provide high quality mailing lists as well as a variety mail pieces to meet your needs. 

How to Track Your Campaigns

There are many methods to better help you track results. You can:

  • Use your mail piece as at tracking tool. By including a tracking number on the mail piece itself, you can refer to that number when your leads call.
  • Use your website as a tracking tool. If you decide to include your website in your mail piece, consider using a unique URL, landing page, or even coupon code. This will allow you to track which visitors are the direct results of your campaign.
  • Use your phone number as a tracking tool. When choosing your phone number, be strategic. If you have multiple campaigns running at once, try using a different phone number for each to give you a better idea of which campaign is preforming best. This information can be used to help you replicate your most successful campaigns.

How to Measure Your Results

When it comes to measuring the results of your campaign, the most common form is the response rate. The response rate is the percentage of people who responded to your mailing and can be calculated by dividing the number of responses by the quantity of mail pieces sent. Not seeing the response rate you wanted on your first round? Don’t give up! Try switching up your mail piece and sending a follow up touch, or consider targeting a different area.

Keep in mind that although a high response rate can be great, it doesn’t take into account the quality of those responses. When determining the success of a campaign, factor in both the response rate as well as those that actually resulted in a sale. Once you have a high response rate and conversion rate, you’ll know you’ve found a winning campaign!

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