Testing Your Marketing Area – Two Top Techniques


Testing your marketing area is an essential step to any direct mail marketing campaign. This will approximate how receptive your target audience is to your message and will test the effectiveness of a mailing list or set of filters. This, in turn, will help you shape future marketing campaigns.

Continue below to learn about two effective testing methods:

Multi-Variable Testing:
With multi-variable testing, you change multiple elements of your mail piece or list. When you are testing your marketing area, this method will help focus on what is working best for your campaign. For example, you may mail the same message on three different mail pieces such as a postcard, yellow letter, and typed letter. As you discover which mail piece yields the highest response for your area and target audience, you will be able to narrow your variables.

A/B Split Testing:
A/B split testing is where you change only ONE thing about your campaign. For example, you could send two similar campaigns to test and compare how each performs. Perhaps you send two mail pieces, mail to two mailing lists, or even change something as simple as the color of the envelope. This works best once you’ve tried multi-variable testing since you will have a general idea of what is and isn’t working for you. A/B split testing allows you to tweak the smaller things.

While you may think that testing your marketing area only needs to be done once, this is not true. Marketing is always evolving. Therefore, you should continue testing so you can adapt and outperform your competition.

Begin preparing your next test by browsing some of our yellow letter, typed letter, stationery letter, and postcard templates. For more information about testing your marketing area, contact us today.