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Than Merrill Recommends

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

As you may already know, Than Merrill (Star of A & E’s Flip That House) launched Wholesaling University a couple of weeks ago.  It’s so exciting and dynamic, that I even signed up as a student of the University (and I’ve been wholesaling for 10 years).   But there’s something that’s even cooler than that.  Than Merrill PERSONALLY recommends that you use to get all of your yellow letter direct mail done.  If you are a wholesaling University Student, be sure to check this out for yourself. Here’s How to Find it:

Login to Wholesaling U >  Go to Bonus Marketing Jumpstart > Listen to 1.7 Week 7 Pre-Foreclosure Direct Mail

In this video  (around the 38 minute mark of the video) Than Merrill tells you to use for all of your pre-foreclosure direct mail needs.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT??

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