The Call Comes First


Your marketing should help you make money. If your marketing isn’t doing that, it isn’t achieving your primary goal. The real question becomes how to use marketing to most effectively achieve your goal.

Where it can be easy to go wrong is to try to make the sale too early in your process. When you send a mail piece to your targets the purpose of the mail piece should be to get your target interested in your message so they call you, and in that conversation you can find out more about your client’s situation and how you can help them. It can be very difficult to use a mail piece to make the sale on its own.

If you try to close the sale using just your mail piece a few things may happen. The first is that your letter may be so lengthy your recipient may not take the time to read it. Another is that you may not give people the most appropriate solution to their problem because you haven’t spoken with them to get a firm grasp of their situation. If you try to get your leads to pre-qualify themselves based on your message you may be successful in reducing the number of people you speak with, but the cost of that time savings could be transactions lost because people who you may be able to help did not call you. The more people you speak with the more likely you are to interact with a person who needs your service, and the more knowledge you have of that person’s situation the more likely it is that you will be able to offer a solution that works for your client.