The Difference Between First Class and Bulk Rate Postage


The United States Postal Service has many different rate classifications. With direct mail marketing, there are two basic options: first class or bulk (standard) mail. When choosing which postage rate you want to use on your direct mail, consider these facts and differences of both.

First class mail is supposed to be handled within 24 hours of reaching the Post Office while Bulk Rate can go up to 48 hours before being processed. If you are dealing with time sensitive mail or an offer with a deadline (specific date), then the best choice for this type of mail would be first class to ensure timely delivery of your piece.

When sending a piece of mail that is handwritten, the United States post office requires that First Class Postage be used on these mail pieces.

No matter which one you choose, First Class or Bulk Rate Mail, address quality is crucial to getting your mailer delivered on time and getting in the hands of the right person. Incorrect house numbers, apartment numbers, or inaccurate zip codes all play an important role in the deliverability of your mail. The post office does return mail that is “Undeliverable” with an explanation of the undeliverability to your return address, unless the mailing address on the mail in not correct.

One final note: First Class Postage is printed in many cool designs, colors, and fashions. You don’t have the option with Bulk Rate Mail. One of the first things that grab the attention on the recipient is the postage stamp, so be affixing the Coolest First Class Commemorative Postage Stamp of Elvis Presley in August (his birth month) is a sure fire way to get the attention of your reader!

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