Tips for Handling Calls with Property Leads

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

You have put in the time and effort of researching your target audience, compiling or purchasing your property leads, and choosing a unique mail piece. But when all is said and done, are you prepared to talk to motivated sellers and ultimately close the deal? Let’s face it, even seasoned real estate investors will admit that talking to property leads can be intimidating. But keep in mind that you could be missing crucial deals by not answering your calls effectively! The best way to get started? Simply answer the phone; experience is key when trying to develop effective communication strategies. Although it’s important that you find a communication style that works best for you, here are a few strategies you can use to help improve your results.

Build Rapport

Although it may seem easier to get straight to the point, building rapport is a critical step to closing the deal. Selling a house is big decision, and your property leads want to know that they are working with someone they can trust. Many people like to talk about themselves, so give them an opportunity to do so. You can then seek out commonalities and increase their comfort level. Taking even just five minutes to get to know your seller can help boost trust and increase your results!

Ask the Right Questions

Once you’ve established rapport, it’s time to obtain crucial information about the seller and the property. By asking the right questions, you can take control of the conversation. This will also avoid wasting costly time and effort on a sellers uninterested in selling. When talking to a motivated seller, there is some basic information you will want to ensure you obtain including:

  • The Seller’s Information – Obtain the seller’s contact information including his or her name, the best number to call, and the best email address. Make sure you are getting the information of the person who actually owns the property. If the contact was a referral, also list the referral source.
  • Motivation to Sell – You will want to gain a better understanding of their motivation to sell. You can start buy asking how long they have owned the property and what is prompting them to sell the house at this time. For example, is it an absentee owned property, is the seller facing foreclosure, or is the property in probate? Understanding why the owner is motivated to sell will not only allow you to weed out uninterested property leads, but also provide and offer a solution to meet the seller’s needs.   
  • Property Information – This includes the basics such as style, interior, utilities, and any repairs or updates needed on the home. Other important factors include major systems, flooring types, bedroom and bathroom counts, and heating systems. Another helpful question to ask the owner is what kind of updates they would like to see done.

At Yellow Letters Complete, we also offer resources to help you close the deal! Check out What to Say to Sellers, a comprehensive overview of effective communication strategies. Contact us today at 888-294-0780 to learn more!

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