Tips to Improve Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign – Send a Follow-Up


You sent out one mail piece for your direct mail campaign, and you’ve had a few calls! But did you receive as many calls as you could have? Perhaps not. Mailing to your list once is a great start…but that’s what it is: a start.  After your first touch, make sure to send a follow-up mail piece to your leads to help motivate even more response.

Your direct mail campaign should bring you results, and sending to your list more than once will help increase your response rate. If you’ve taken the time to get quality leads, don’t miss an opportunity by only mailing to your list once!

Our hand addressed envelopes will help you stand out from your competition and encourage your leads to read your message. However, in order to establish a relationship with your leads, you should reach out to your mailing list multiple times. When you send a follow-up, you will keep your information in front of your audience and establish trust. This, in turn, will increase response rates. As your leads begin to recognize your name and what you have to offer, they will reach out to YOU when they are ready to sell their home.

At Yellow Letters Complete, we make it easy to plan and schedule a multiple touch campaign. Simply choose your templates and we will send your mail pieces automatically on the schedule of your choice. We will even take out any name removals you may have from your subsequent touches. Just send the names you’d like to remove in one batch at least one week before your next mailing, and we’ll remove them for free! Talk about easy!