Tips to Improve Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign – Use a Targeted Mailing List

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

One of THE most important components of a direct mail marketing campaign is the targeted mailing list. The mailing list you use will either make or break your campaign, so you want to choose wisely. The cheap and easy route always sounds great in the beginning, but once you spend your precious dollars on a direct mail campaign and don’t reap any results, you may regret taking the “easy road”.

Making sure you get a targeted mailing list can make a big difference for your campaign. If you have an outdated list, very few motivated leads will see your message. You want your message to be read by people who are likely to sell, and creating a targeted mailing list using different mailing list filters will make all the difference.

Use your marketing budget wisely and send your direct mail to a targeted mailing list. When starting your campaign, ask questions! Which filters tend to work the best? Does the data provider suppress their leads? Are the records old, or updated frequently? These are important to ask so you know exactly what you are spending your time, money, and effort on.

Here at Yellow Letters Complete we suppress our data to get YOU better results! Many list providers don’t do this, meaning they sell the same list as many times as they can. Since our data is suppressed, we will not give the leads you purchase through our company to anyone else for at least six months. This helps lower your competition. We update our data daily and scrub it against the National Change of Address database. This means your mailing list will be accurate and up to date.

Choosing the correct filters will give you a targeted mailing list, but this also means the amount of available leads can decrease significantly if you choose too many filters. To get the best of both worlds (quality and quantity), target as large of a geographic area as you are comfortable with and stick with the mailing list filters that are the most important to you.

Using these tips will help make sure you are using a targeted mailing list to focus on motivated leads. So what are you waiting for? Call us at 888-294-0780 and create a custom mailing list tailored to YOUR needs.

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