Top 10 Things Not to Say To a Seller

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

NOTE: This blog entry is only for fun!  Don’t take it too seriously. Thanks………(Continue reading now)

1.  “Did you just wake up or did you forget to brush your teeth”?

2.  “Ooh, is that an onion I smell?”

3.  “Did you buy your house in this condition or did you tear it up by yourself?

4.  “Quit talking and just sign my contract”.

5.  “I just started in this business and have no idea what I’m going to do with your house”.

6.  “How did your neighbors put up with these dogs?”

7.  “How long has that pork chop been sitting on the kitchen sink?

8.  “Have you ever heard of a vacuum cleaner”

9.  “They sell these little things in the store called roach motels.  They work great. You should buy some.”

10.  “Could you please go put on some clothes?”

Note: The Top 10 list is for entertainment purposes only. Sometimes is does good to lighten up a little.  You’ll see more Top 10 lists coming, no doubt!! Feel free to leave comments with MORE THINGS NOT to say to a seller. Contributions were made available by real people who deal with real people like this! (so there is honesty in humor)……Have a good one!

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