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True Ink Letters

Make a Statement With Our Truly Handwritten Letters

It’s so easy to mass-produce mail these days that handwritten letters have all but disappeared. That’s why using truly handwritten mail in your marketing campaign will instantly make you stand out!


Premium prospects respond to premium products, so we take no shortcuts in setting the industry standard for fully handwritten letters. Our in-house writers use painstaking attention to detail when creating beautifully-scripted notes in your words for your leads.

My phone is ringing off the hook! People are opening these letters and many honestly believe that I wrote it to them alone.”

– Kristin M., Union Lake, MI

Our complete True Ink Letter package matches the quality of the letters themselves and includes:

  • Your message written in real pen by our in-house handwriting robots
  • Personalized letters with each recipient’s name and address
  • Choice of letterhead, linen, or yellow paper
  • Pen-address invitation-style envelope or business-style #10 envelope
  • Seasonal return address label
  • Standard or Seasonal First-Class sticky stamp affixed to the envelope
  • Mailing out on your behalf or shipping to you so you can send when you’re ready
Truly Handwritten Letters by our team of professional writers

Our process takes the stress out of setting up your campaign. It’s truly as simple as 1-2-3:

Write your message. Our 350-character limit keeps it casual like an email or text! We can also personalize each piece with your recipient’s details.

Mail to your list. We’ll mail directly to your prospects or ship everything to you including envelopes and seasonal First-Class sticky stamps. It’s up to you!

We’ll send you a proof of everything for approval before we start writing. Once your campaign’s underway, we’ll include you in each mailing for free so you can follow along in real time.

If you need a custom quote for your True Ink Letters, please contact us at your convenience.

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