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What is a Drip Campaign?

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

A drip campaign is one where you send out a series of prospecting letters to a list over a scheduled amount of time.  Because it takes multiple impressions to convert a prospect, you “drip” letters on them over a period of time. This will greatly increase your response rate and your results.  We have ideal guidelines set up for “dripping” to various campaigns.  Here are the Drip Campaign Recommendations that will bring you maximum results.

The Campaign itself is basically defined as your list of prospects that are organized by demographics. Typically, each prospect is assigned to only one campaign as to not confuse the client. Campaigns are targeted to a specific type of client. You might have one that is setup for out of town owners, people that don’t have a mortgage on their house (Free and Clear), people facing foreclosure, owners of 3 bedroom properties in 5 particular zip codes, etc.

The overall goal of a Drip Campaign is to get your prospects to take action today or to remember you when they are ready to take action in the future. It’s a simple tool to allow you to stay in front of your clients and convert them into dollars without putting in to much effort. Think of drip campaigns as an automation tool that allows you to stay in front of your clients while you’re on vacation. The goal is to set it up correctly so you can forget it later.

Implementing these campaigns will not only help your message reach the prospects at the correct time but also extend the reach and improve the effectiveness of your marketing. When used properly, drip campaigns can be the leading cause of your success.  Eliminate having to worry about your drip campaign and put your into cruise control with our Auto Pilot Drip Campaigns.

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