What is an Absentee Owner?


The definition of an absentee owner is one that owns the property, but does not occupy the property.

An absentee owner generally refers to owners of investment properties, most of the time rental properties. There can be more reasons that just owning rental properties that would classify a person as an absentee owner. Let’s look at just a few scenarios:

1. The owner of the house is in the military, and has been called to active duty in another location than the property.

2. The owner of the property purchased the house as a rental, but the house is vacant and the owner does not want to rent the house out any longer.

3. The owner of the property inherited the house through a Will or Probate.

4. The owner of the house has relocated to another city or even state, and has not been able to sell the house yet. It is quite difficult for absentee owners to handle the sale of their properties without being physically present.

5. The house was purchased for a parent, child, or another relative to live in and that person no longer lives there.

As you can see, there is more than once scenario that creates an absentee owner. After reviewing several of these situations, you can see why it would be beneficial for you to send some high response marketing to absentee owners. Absentee Owners are GREAT Candidates for Drip Campaign Marketing!

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