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What Makes Our Yellow Letters “Complete”?

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Hi, I’m Dave Schaaf, the owner of Yellow Letters Complete.

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Recently I was asked recently what the “complete” means in our name.

In short, it’s for the white-gloved or full-service mailing services that every customer receives.

In the direct mail industry, most companies are adding more automation and complexity that probably boosts their bottom line, but unfortunately shifts that burden to you, the customer. In the end, they send out low-quality products without handwritten personalization that your clients won’t bother to open and read.

So when we say complete, it’s really about giving you a hands-off approach to your mailing campaigns. We believe your job is to follow-up, call your leads, and close deals. We’ll take care of the rest!

Your marketing doesn’t need to be more complicated.

White-gloved “complete” service means you don’t have do much other than tell us what you want to say and who you want to say it to.


Give us the ‘what’ and the ‘who’ and we’ll take care of the rest!

To be even more explicit, here is a list of what we do for everyone… Not just in special circumstances or high-volume customers.

✓ We’ll handle the formatting of your artwork

✓ We’ll handle the editing

✓ We’ll handle the formatting and cleaning of your mailing list

✓ Whatever data format our clients give us, we take care of it

✓ We’ll handle the sourcing and suppression of your leads list (Note: We never resell leads within 6 months)

✓ We’ll A/B split test your mailings

✓ We’ll help you select the most effective strategy

✓ We’ll manage your ongoing and multi-touch direct mail campaigns

No… this not an extra fee.

This is what we mean by complete!

For some, we become their entire marketing department!

We gladly do more than our competitors.  This is what it means to be a “complete” mailing solution.

We gladly do more work than our competitors

We work the way you do and on your schedule:

✓ We are available 9am to 7pm CST, Monday through Friday

✓ We answer emails every weekend

✓ Our average response time to e-mails is 30-60 minutes

We are definitely not for everyone. We’re for those who want above average results and give the heavy lifting to their marketing firm to manage!

I have worked in insurance and real estate and have done a lot of mailing… I was expecting a 1-2% response and the response to the letters is approaching 22%, and I am guessing they aren’t done calling. Wow!”

— Dean S., Boulder, CO

“You’all are making me RICH!! … I’m getting over a 30% RESPONSE RATE! That’s unheard of in direct mail. And that’s over a 30% response with just one mailing without any follow up mailings”.

— Jay C. Morehead, NC.

When you read testimonials like the one above from Dean and Jay, you’d think it was exaggeration, but we’ve learned that paying attention to the details makes a huge difference!

What makes our yellow letters “complete” you ask?

Give us a try and you’ll find out.

Dave “White-Glove” Schaaf

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