What Your Customer Thinks About Your Landscaping Business (And How To Change That Image)


Sometimes the image customers have of your business, and the image you have of your business are two different things. That mix match can be a bit of a problem. Customers often have some misconceptions about who you are, why you chose to run a landscaping business, and what your goals are in that business. Here are some ways you can adjust and pivot to really impress the customer and retain them. 


What Your Customers Think About Your Landscaping Business

Customers’ biggest misconception is that your landscaping business is profitable without all that much work for you. Sometimes when you charge for things like mulch or a quick trim of a branch, the customer thinks to themselves that they could have done that themselves and saved money. 

In addition, many customers believe that you are not smart when it comes to business, even though you know how to grow and maintain grass. 

We all know this is not the case. Running a landscaping business is more about running a business than it is about growing grass. 

Let’s look at how you can change what your customer thinks. 


How To Change Customer Misconceptions 

There are three really important ways you can change how your customer thinks about you. The first is to open the lines of communication/become more transparent, the second is to personalize your business, and the last is to thank them for their loyalty. 


1) Open The Lines of Communication 

One of the most successful methods we have seen landscaping businesses use for this is surveys and customer satisfaction phone calls. Of course, you will get some complaints from time to time, but you may also find out what your crews are doing well. 

Sending out a survey to check in on what you could do better at their property or how good your staff is at detail work are all ways to get the dialogue going and ensure you keep that customer. 

Most importantly, if you open these lines of communication, your current customers are much more likely to recommend you to their friends and family. 


2) Personalize Your Business 

Has your customer ever gotten anything from you in the mail that was personalized? How would they feel about a handwritten letter informing them that it’s time to do some tree work so that they are ready for the storm season that may be approaching? 

Have you considered a handwritten notecard explaining a new referral system you are implementing?

Personalization like this helps to teach customers that you are human, your employees are real people trying to make a living, and you don’t need to hide behind a letterhead. 


3) Thank Your Customers 

All business owners should have procedures in place to thank customers for their loyalty. A handwritten notecard is a perfect way to do this. Chances are you have information about when your landscaping customers first signed up as a customer. 

Send them a note on their anniversary or at the end of a busy growing season to let them know you appreciate them. 

At Yellow Letters Complete, we know that this concept works, and it’s a good one, but it also can be time-consuming. As a landscaping business owner, you may need to ask for a little help when it comes to staying on top of this process and ensuring these opportunities to change customer misconceptions are not missed. 


Final Thoughts 

Running a successful landscaping business means you must continually look out for ways to grab new customers, but you also don’t want to lose the ones you have right now. Stay on top of them, communicate effectively, and make sure they know you appreciate their business. This is the best way to build a loyal customer base that sees your company in the same positive light that you do.