Wholesaling University Announcement


We’ve been designated as a Professor within Than Merrill’s Wholesaling University (which will be released in only a few days!!). I can teach any class that I choose, as long as it pertains to wholesaling/creative real estate. I want to know what YOU want to learn about, and what will make your business more successful.

Using the form below OR BY LEAVING A COMMENT ON THIS PAGE, enter a specific idea for a class. It has to be on a specific topic, and can’t be general. For example, “short sales” is too general, but “how to negotiate with the loss mitigation departments” is more specific. I’m open for any topic, so let your ideas rip!

You can submit more than one idea, that is perfectly fine with me. I will decide on which one I’ll be teaching and you can look for the announcement within the next week.

Thanks for your input – as always – it is greatly appreciated!