Yellow Letters Complete – Five Advantages

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

At Yellow Letters Complete, we are here to help you get results with your direct mail marketing campaign. You have learned about our unique order process and environmentally friendly paper, but these are just a few of the things we do to help your campaign shine.

Continue below to learn five more advantages of working with Yellow Letters Complete!

1. Custom Templates and Proofs

When you set up your order, we will create a proof of your mail piece for you to review before we print your campaign. This way, you can confirm that all of your information is accurate.

Also, while we offer several effective templates, you can show your creative side by using a custom template for your campaign. We even offer a customized stationery creation service to help your message stand out!

2. Mailing List Options

We offer several mailing list options, including absentee owned, owner occupied, high equity, low equity, and distressed property lists. We also have filter options including length of ownership, market value of the property, and several others. Simply provide the area you are interested in and we can run a count to see what is available.

We also suppress our data for 6 months, which means we will not provide the same leads to anyone else for at least 6 months after you purchase your list.

3. Truly Hand-Addressed Envelopes

Some companies offer envelopes that look handwritten, but our envelopes really, truly are! That’s right, every single envelope is individually addressed by hand, by a real person. This personal touch helps your envelopes get opened and your message read.

4. Super Fast Turn-Around Time

Our turn-around time is so quick because we understand that timing is important. When you approve your order, we can have your campaign mailing out within a few days!

5. Schedule Control

We will work with you to find the schedule that best suits your campaign. We can even automate your campaign to mail on a fixed schedule of your choice. If your schedule needs to change, just let us know and we can update your future mailings. Whether you want to mail once a month or once a week, you are in control. We also offer flexible scheduling of the mail dates for multiple touch campaigns. You decide when we mail!

With every mailing, we also send a seed letter to your address. This helps inform you when your mail pieces are landing so you can predict and track your response.

Contact us today to learn more about Yellow Letters Complete and how we can help your direct mail marketing campaign stand out!

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