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Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Your marketing is available at your fingertips… because at Yellow Letters Complete, you can quickly and easily order your direct mail marketing campaign ONLINE! You can customize your campaign to suit your needs, and once everything is filled out, simply submit your order and we will handle everything else.

Follow the steps below to order your yellow letters online. The example below is for one of our yellow letter templates.

Step 1: Choose your template and click “Order Now”

Order Yellow Letters Online

Step 2: Customize your campaign

Choose the quantity for your campaign, your envelope address style, whether you need a mailing list or have your own to provide, your envelope and ink color, your method of delivery (either mailed on your behalf or shipped to your address), and your postage type (either First Class or Standard postage).

When you finish filling out this information, click the next button to proceed with your order.

Step 3: Fill out your personal information

Input your name, the phone number for the mail piece, the email for proofs, and your return address.

**There will also be a space for special instructions below the email field

Then, click the “Pay Now” button.

Step 4: Input your payment information

Fill in the billing details and include any special notes for your order. Once you click “Continue,” it will prompt you for your payment information. Fill in the fields and click “Pay Now”.

ALL DONE! We will send you an email upon receipt of your order letting you know that the Yellow Letters Complete team is working on your proofs. The entire process can be completed in a couple minutes, and then we take care of the rest!

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