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Yellow Letters Complete – Our Unique Process

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

At Yellow Letters Complete, we are here to help your direct mail marketing campaign stand out. So what makes us different than other marketing companies? Read below to see just one example of how a campaign from Yellow Letters Complete might look.

1. You submit an order for 500 names with your mailing list. You decide to send yellow letters with standard stamps, hand addressed ivory envelopes, and red ink. Yellow Letters Complete quickly responds and tells you when you can expect your proofs to be sent to your email for approval. This is usually the same day that you submit your order!

2. Our staff sets up your order and updates your account details. We create your template and add proofs of your letter and return address to your file. The order goes through a quality check process to ensure that your order details are correct. We then send your proofs and contract to your email for approval.

3. You receive your proof and it looks great! You read and sign the approval contract. Once you sign the contract, we send you a confirmation email letting you know we received your approval. We also include your scheduled mail date.

4. We then prepare the mailing list you provided to be compatible with our merging software. This process cleans up your names and addresses. This includes switching your information to proper case, eliminating any extra spaces, and removing exact duplicate records. We add your name and mailing information to the list so you will receive a letter as well. This helps you know when your letters are landing. Your prepared mailing list goes through a quality check process to ensure that our formatting did not skew your information and that all necessary fields are present.

5. After we format your mailing list, we merge the correct fields into your letter with our proprietary font software. This font software uses real variable handwriting to make your entire letter look authentically handwritten.

6. Once we merge your letter, we print and check the first record. We confirm that your letters have been merged correctly, your information is accurate, the message contains no grammatical errors, and that any images are crisp and clear. We make any necessary adjustments and repeat the process. Once your letter looks great, we print the entire order.

7. Your printed letters go through a quality check process to make sure there are no ink blots or quality issues that occurred when printing.

8. A writer will then address each envelope by hand, fold and stuff each letter, and place a stamp and return address on each of your envelopes. Each letter is checked individually for quality as it is folded and stuffed into the envelope. Any letters with problems are reprinted.

9. Once the writer has hand addressed every envelope, the completed order goes through a fifth quality check. We check each envelope for neatness and spelling. Our staff also checks the placement of each stamp and return address. A portion of the letters for each campaign is checked to ensure the letters are folded correctly and are in the correct envelopes.

10. Finally, we take your completed order to the post office. Our staff at Yellow Letters Complete then sends an email confirming that we have mailed your letters.

We put the same effort and enthusiasm into every order. Best of all? We can have your order mailing out with a super fast turn around time!

Our goal is to get YOUR phone ringing. To learn more about Yellow Letters Complete and how we can help with your direct mail marketing needs, contact us today.

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