You’re Always Doing It


Your yellow letter will not make the sale. At least not by itself. While yellow letters in hand addressed envelopes are a successful marketing tool, that’s all they are. They will get opened, they will be read and you will get called… but then what?

The main focus of your yellow letter campaign is to get your prospective customers to call you, to grab their attention and interest in what you have to offer. One mistake that’s often made is trying to make the sale with your yellow letter. If your letter is too lengthy it’s likely it will be thrown away before it’s completely read and understood. You also may miss out on the chance to connect with prospects on their own personal situation with options to help them specifically. You want to build a relationship with your new client; to try to make a sale too early can be detrimental to your business.

While your logo, your business card, your yellow letter, your call to action may be the start of it, your marketing should be so much more. You want to build that relationship, gain their trust and make them feel comfortable doing business with you. Marketing never stops, and it’s in everything you do. How quickly you respond to emails or messages, the tone of your voice over the phone, the way you carry and present yourself, all of these things can positively or negatively affect your business. Your yellow letter simply begins the process, clients are going to build an association of your business based on you and how you continue to market to them. Keep in mind you are always marketing and that should never stop, the yellow letter just starts the ball rolling for that call to come.