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3 Reasons Why Handwritten Marketing Helps Build Client Relationships 

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Marketing is a tricky business.  There is so much vying for our attention nowadays.  The world is increasingly online, making things move even faster.  Everyone sees hundreds of ads daily.  How do you get people to notice you?  

Thankfully, humans are creatures of habit.  Once someone uses your product or service, they are likely to stick with it as long as they have a good experience.  This is why building strong client relationships is so important.  Here are three reasons why handwritten letters should be part of your marketing strategy to create these connections.

1. Eyecatching Marketing Letters 

Digital marketing is more popular than ever.  People see hundreds of ads online every day, so few of them remember what the marketing was selling.  Marketing emails are deleted without a glance.  Even some direct mail advertisements fall into the same category.  People know what ads they get in the mail look like.  Most are thrown away without being opened.  

This is one reason why handwritten letters can be so effective.  They stand out.  How many actual letters have you gotten in the mail in the past year?  Unless you’re someone with a regular pen pal, probably not a lot.  Therefore, a handwritten note is very eyecatching when you open your mailbox.  Capitalize on this and use it to get your customers’ attention. 

2. Handwritten Letters Show You Care 

Writing a letter is inherently personal.  Handwriting, whether done in pen or using a font that is similar to someone’s penmanship, shows that someone took time to create this letter.  Even a handwritten envelope can make a difference.  One goal of direct mail advertising is to show that you care about your clients.  What better way to display this than send them handwritten letters?

To build relationships with customers, you have to make it clear that you see each one as a person, not just a number or a way to make more money.  Marketing letters that use people’s names, addresses, and any other personal information you have about the client start to create that connection.  Direct mail advertisements can be unique to each person in some cases, providing an extreme amount of care and dedication on the part of your business to customers.  That’s exactly the kind of company clients will keep coming back to. 

3. Direct Mail Advertising Helps Customers Remember You 

Because handwritten letters aren’t that common, they will help clients remember you.  Mass market, printed marketing letters often get ripped up, used for scrap paper, or thrown right in the trash.  Handwritten cards, on the other hand, are opened and even saved.  Which one do you want to be associated with your brand?  

Advertising mail is kept in a household for 17 days on average. Mailmen

Whether a customer keeps your letter or not, they are likely to remember receiving it for a long while.  This is great for you because next time they need your product or service, your company is already fresh in their minds.  Marketing letters can help establish a committed target audience that consistently returns to your brand, which can grow your business. 

Interested in Using Handwritten Direct Mail Advertisements? 

If you work in marketing and want to build stronger relationships with your customers, handwritten letters are the way to go.  Worried about where you’re going to find the time to write all these notes?  That’s where Yellow Letters Complete comes in.  They can create custom letters of all kinds for your clients, each handwritten by a team member or typed in our true ink robopen handwriting font.  Call (888) 294-0780 or visit here to learn more about Yellow Letters Complete today.


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