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Direct Mail vs Email: Which One Is More Exciting To Get?

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

The real estate market is an innovative market, always trying to find the best way to grab the attention of potential clients while staying in touch with past clients. The digital age has provided more marketing avenues to accomplish these things, but that doesn’t mean it is the method that gets the more response and ROI.

Close analyzing by investors and wholesalers has found that handwritten direct mail was more likely to get a response than digital mail. In fact, as much as 30 times more! So, what makes a direct mail campaign successful?

Generate the excitement

No matter who you are, getting something in the mailbox is much more exciting than opening another email. So, make your direct mail with a handwritten message is an experience they can’t forget, but you need to know who your audience is first.

57% of email addresses are abandoned because the users receive too many marketing emails. Marketing Profs

Create a handwritten direct mailer that touts your experience and your understanding of their situation if you’re going after pre-foreclosure or probate real estate. By targeting a specific audience with a handwritten direct mailer, you’ll be better able to track the leads and keep a strategic plan in place.

The Strategic Plan

As we mentioned above, you need to know who your target audience is before sending out any handwritten direct mail pieces. Purchase a list for your target market area for pre-foreclosure, absentee owners, empty-nesters, inherited and probate properties. There many ways of finding motivated sellers in your area, so come up with an idea of who those property owners are.

Purchase a mailing list of your target real estate audience is that is broke down by your filter criteria, showing the number of leads, their age, home value and other pertinent information about the property.


Stay Consistent

Be consistent with your handwritten message about the real estate you’re targeting. Sending multiple mailers will get and keep their attention. If your target is probate real estate, determine how long the typical probate process is for your state. Then plan your campaign strategy accordingly.

The recommended number of times to reach out with a handwritten direct mail depends on which type of list you want to market to. Properly spaced direct mailers will keep your name and number in front of the executor and heirs of the real estate you’re interested in, so when they are ready to sell, they’ll have your name and number right there.

Make Efforts That Are Memorable:

A small effort will go a long way when working on the aesthetics of your handwritten direct mailer. A beautiful, handwritten, heartfelt, and aesthetically pleasing letter is so much more enticing than a computer generated and printed “mass mailer”.

Use colored envelopes with matching stationery that has a light pleasant scent will be an attention grabber in a mailbox full of bills and solicitations. When you work with Yellow Letters Complete, we craft a message that is your personality on beautiful stationery.

Outsource your direct mail campaign to YLC, we make sure your drip marketing campaign follow up stays on schedule. We make sure each mailing was handwritten and spaced out in the right time to get the most impact.

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