3 Ways Your Online Shop Can Exceed Customer Expectations and Keep Customers Coming Back In 2022

Lina VanNatta
Lina VanNatta

Finding new customers for your eCommerce store can be easy but expensive in today’s world. With the increasing cost of ads, online retailers need to find new ways to enhance their customer experience to save money and boost revenue. To keep customers coming back, ECommerce stores must be memorable and connect with customers in ways that exceed their expectations and expand past the computer screen.

1. Strong Communication

Although customers can’t walk up to a register or customer support desk at an eCommerce store, you can still keep a line of communication open. Responsiveness and instant support are becoming critical, and having a live chat on your website where customers can easily find answers to their questions is one great way to optimize your customer experience.

Many customers will also be looking to your Instagram and Facebook for customer support and will expect a timely response to their comments or messages on social media apps. A quick and friendly response will make them feel appreciated and encourage them to purchase from your business again.

2. Offer a Fun Unboxing Experience

Customers count down the days until a product arrives at their door. Make it worth the wait by creating a fun unboxing experience. Use branded packaging, customized tissue paper, and a thank you note. You could even include freebies with the product to make each unboxing experience a delightful event. Saying thank you in this way will extend customers’ buying experience beyond the digital space, make you more memorable, and brighten your customers’ day.

3. Send Personalized Postcards

Direct mail is one of the best ways an eCommerce business can connect with its customers. Your customers are used to receiving a thank you email and getting information about your business, but getting a handwritten note is becoming somewhat of a novelty.

Send a handwritten postcard thanking them for their purchase and requesting a review. A handwritten letter from your business will make customers feel more connected and will keep you top of mind when they are ready to shop again. You can continue building this customer relationship by sending holiday cards, coupons, and deals.

Direct mail recipients purchase 28% more items and spend 28% more money than people who don’t get that same piece of direct mail.

Yellow Letters Complete has first-hand experience with how effective handwritten direct mail is. We can provide your business with all the resources necessary to send personalized postcards to your company. Our team will write every postcard by hand, save you time, and significantly improve your company’s customer loyalty. To get started, reach out to us here or call 1-888-294-0780

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