Why You Should Outsource Your Handwritten Direct Mail Letters

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

When you discover the simplicity and effectiveness of handwritten marketing letters its super exciting!

According to Marketing Profs, direct mail has a 29% ROI, while social media and online display have 30% and 16%, respectively.

Everyone else is experimenting with Facebook Ads and Google Ads while you keep things simple. But after a while, it can become boring and annoying to be stuck doing manual labor when you time could be better spend.

But the process can be a bit monotonous right?

Here’s a sample of what all you need to do…

  • Decide the design, color and font style for your direct mail paper/card.
  • Buy a special printer to print these colored cards and letters.
  • Write addresses by hand on every envelope.
  • Buy stamps and envelopes. A bulk mail stamp from the post office usually costs $400.
  • Place a 47 cent stamp on each envelope.
  • Find a mailing company that offers you the best rates or try to reach a deal with the post office for mailing your bulk campaign letters.
  • Get a postal permit for $220 per year to send bulk letters consistently.
  • Write your message on the letters.
  • Fold the letters.
  • Put every letter in an envelope neatly.

Yes, handwritten letters are effective, but the process is so boring??

Friend, if you are screaming, “will someone please write these letters for me” rest-assured, Yellow Letters Complete is your answer!

Our business is actually setup to manage your marketing for you! Not just the first letter or campaign. But you entire calendar of leads, letters, list scrubbing, and follow up!

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time only following up on warm leads?

How about we work together to help your grow your business this year?

Given a decent campaign has a list size of over 10,000 and involves a well-timed, multi-touch handwritten approach, the time and money required to carry out your campaign by yourself are unimaginable.

Understand the Power of Delegation

Thousands of businesses fail to get results from their handwritten direct mail just because they don’t understand the power of delegation.

There’s a reason why Tim Ferriss, the guru of automation and author of “4-Hour Workweek” loves this quote:

“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.”

—Henry David Thoreau

To be successful in your business, you have to focus on your core goals and outsource all the other stuff to the experts.

1. Save Time and Money

A single post stamp costs around 34 cents. If you outsource your handwritten direct mail, it’d cost you about 50 cents per postcard (printed, stamped, and mailed). If you decide to do it yourself, you will have to cut postcards from a large cardstock, stamp postcards, write and go to the post office. And guess what, you will end up saving no money.


Let’s do the math:

Stamp: 34 cents

Ink and Paper: 6 cents (on avg.)

Post Office Cost per Postcard (10 cents)

Intangible Costs: time, hassle

Resulting Cost: 50+ cents per postcard/letter.

And the resulting postcards and yellow letters aren’t that good when you compare them to the finished product produced by pros like Yellow Letters Complete.

2. Get Countless Design, Font Options

Outsourcing your handwritten direct mail campaign would give you several design options, fonts, scripts, page colors, and styles.

On the other hand, if you do it all by yourself, you will keep trying to cap the costs, which would limit your design and styling options.

Compromising on quality ensures the failure of your handwritten direct mail efforts.

Here’s what an average person would do when they try to do everything on their own:

And here’s a type of letter that promises over 5% response rate:

Consider the number of options and flexibility you are getting:

For just 79 cents you get:

  • Each letter with a personalized message, homeowner’s name, and property address.
  • Letters mailed on auto-pilot to new leads every week
  • Different wording for different targets
  • Your contact information written on letters/envelopes
  • Return address label on the back of the envelope
  • Choice of Standard Mail Postage or First Class Postage
  • Choice of red, blue or black ink
  • Phone Support 24/7

3. Better Targeting and Consistency

Most handwritten direct mail campaigns fail because they don’t target their audience correctly and give up after their initial campaigns.

Example: Sending letters for absentee-owner leads in a posh area where there’s no absentee property.

Example: Giving up after the first campaign because it’s too hard to carry out the tiring process of readying postcards, writing and mailing regularly.

Handwritten direct mail experts like Yellow Letters Complete meticulously target your letters to make sure they reach the audience with the most potential.

They also send your message to potential customers consistently, with well-timed breaks, and in different styles. Why? Approaching potential leads using well-timed messages with different styles (postcards, letters, notes) using a multi-touch approach is indispensable.

Let’s not forget: Any successful marketing campaign requires at least 8 touches.

4. Better Response Rate

The end goal of any marketing campaign is to get a strong response rate and connect with potential customers.

Outsourcing your handwritten direct mail campaigns to experts like Yellow Letters Complete ensures a response rate of over 15% because all the key elements of your campaign are taken care of.

These elements include:

  • Design and font of your message
  • Content of your message
  • Targeting the right people
  • Choosing the right medium (postcard, paper, yellow letters)
  • Delivery process
  • Consistently send handwritten follow-ups

When you don’t outsource and try to do everything by yourself, you’ll eventually start cutting corners because of the magnitude of the effort and time involved.


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