Benefits of Sending a Holiday Mail Piece

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Looking for a way to send another campaign before the end of the year (and even reduce your taxes)? Consider sending a holiday mail piece. At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer several holiday mail piece options to add a festive flair to your campaign.

So why should you choose to send a holiday mail piece? Continue below for some benefits of sending a holiday campaign:


Available in several styles and colors, our holiday mail pieces are sure to stand out and get noticed. Your leads will love opening their mail box to discover a vibrant, festive mail piece inside. Looking for an envelope to match? We have red and green invitation style envelopes perfect for the season, or several other vibrant colors for you to choose from. Want to add some extra flair, perfect for the holidays? We can print a festive picture on each handwritten envelope!

Holiday Envelopes


Like all of our direct mail options, our holiday mail pieces can be personalized for each lead. Your letter can include personalized information, such as your lead’s name, property address, and more. We also hand address every single envelope, giving your campaign an extra personal touch. By sending a handwritten mail piece during the holiday season, your leads will be sure to open and read your message.


We can customize your mail piece to suit your needs and preferences. Besides our several available templates (such as our stationery letters and holiday cards), we can also create a custom template for your campaign. Simply tell us which theme you would like for your campaign and we will create your mail piece. If you have your own image, we can use that as well!

For more information about our holiday mail piece options and how you can order yours today, contact us at 888-294-0780.

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