Direct Mail Color Options

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Do you feel like your direct mail marketing is in a rut? At Yellow Letters Complete, we can help! We offer a range of colors to help your mail piece convey your message. Whether you’re looking for an elegant, professional appearance or want to make a splash with vibrant colors, we have options to fit your campaign.

Colors can evoke emotions, guide reactions, and motivate response. Continue reading to learn how to thoughtfully use colors in your next direct mail campaign.


Red evokes a sense of urgency, so it is perfect for time-sensitive campaigns. This color is bold, powerful, and stands out. Since red can stimulate response, be sure to keep your contact information in an easy to locate space.


Blue establishes trust and creates a sense of peace. For campaigns that deal with sensitive or stressful topics, blue can help your leads feel assured. By using blue, you are presenting yourself as a reliable source.


Green encourages relaxation and may inspire your clients to reach out. Often associated with nature, using green in your campaign can express to your leads that your business is thriving or growing.


Purple communicates luxury and wisdom. Using purple in a campaign can convey that your business is unique and may offer creative solutions.


Yellow conveys feelings of joy, optimism, and happiness. It can lift spirits and create a sense of cheerfulness. Another perk of using yellow is that it can also stand out and grab your target audience’s attention.


Pink inspires compassion and kindness. Consider using a pink in your direct mail marketing campaign to intrigue your target audience and create a welcoming tone.


Orange motivates action and positivity. This is a great color option when trying to influence your target audience. It’s also somewhat rare, so it works well to grab your audience’s attention.


Black stimulates curiosity. Perfect for a sophisticated appearance, this sleek color can evoke a sense of awe and can motivate your leads to quickly open and read your message. 


White expresses purity and simplicity. Choosing to use white in your campaign can help your mail piece appear simple, unburdened, and modern.


Gray indicates stability. to your readers. Smack dab between black and white, gray is a natural balance. Gray can be a great option for a campaign that wishes to communicate dependability.

Still wondering which color is right for your campaign? Contact us today to discuss your direct mail color options!

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