Direct Mail Marketing: Copying Commercials


Picture this – After a long day, you come home and switch on the TV. Whatever channel or show you put on, you can count on one thing: commercials! You probably see so many, in fact, that when you think of car insurance, you immediately picture Geico’s charismatic gecko or Progressive’s comedic Flo. Just about every product or service you may need has a commercial: cars, laundry detergent, snack foods, hotels, clothes, pet supplies, and so much more. And you remember them; you may even be able to quote some! When it comes time for you to purchase a product or service, chances are you’ll be drawn to the one that appears in commercials.

A successful direct mail marketing campaign should be approached in the same way. Sending a mail piece with a clear message and call to action is a great start. But that’s what it is: a start. In order to get the most response from your mailing list, you should reach out more than once. For most mailing lists, five or six times is the sweet spot. This way, your message remains consistent, but not overwhelming. And just like a commercial, your leads will remember your name when they are ready to sell!

At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer multi-touch campaigns so you can set your entire campaign up in one simple step. We set up one direct mail marketing campaign for you, and then we mail each touch on the timeline of your choice. Everything runs smoothly and automatically. This means you can spend less time setting up direct mail marketing campaigns and more time answering your phone!

The best part is that we can set up your multi-touch direct mail campaign with the number of touches YOU choose and can include any combination of mail pieces that you would like, such as yellow letters, typed letters, stationery letters, postcards, and greeting cards. The set-up is easy and the possibilities are endless!

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