Direct Mail Marketing – What to Include on Your Mail Piece

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

You’ve taken the first step in deciding to use direct mail marketing, but what should be included on your mail piece? Starting out and testing the waters can be intimidating, but we’re here to make the first steps a little easier. When creating a mail piece, or choosing a template, you want to make sure it has a few key pieces of information.

Personal Touches

First of all, you want your leads to know who you are. Business names are great if you are marketing to a more formal mailing list, but otherwise be personal and put your own name on the mail piece. Personal touches go a LONG way, which is why we have such high response rates with our truly hand addressed envelopes.

Call to Action

“Call now! We can’t wait to hear from you.” Your call to action is one of the most important components of your mail piece. You can have the perfect mail piece, with the perfect message and presentation, but if you don’t tell the recipient what to do with it, you’ve missed an opportunity. How are they supposed to know you want them to call, email, or visit your website if you don’t say so? Make sure your call to action is concise and to the point, so there is no confusion in what you want them to do.  

Contact Information

Now this is THE most important piece of information on your mail piece: Your contact information. Imagine asking  your leads to contact you, and not having a phone number or email on your letter or postcard? Oops! Make sure you let your leads know how to reach you. Choose a form of communication that you can track, such as a unique phone number, website, or email address. This way, you can collect data and see your response trends.  

These are just a few important pieces of the puzzle. For more information about what your direct mail marketing mail piece should include, contact us today at 888-294-0780.

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