Dramatic Benefits of Handwritten Direct Mail for Lawyers and Attorneys

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Think of an imaginary person named Matthew.

An hour ago Mathew was charged with a felony, now he’s desperately looking for a good lawyer.

For all his life, like any other normal person, Mathew ignored marketing emails from local lawyers and threw visiting cards of attorneys in the trash.

He’s secretly regretting that now.

The next day, Mathew finds in his direct mail a handwritten note from a lawyer. The note is not like other cold, soulless, looking-for-your-money sounding marketing brochures Mathew gets every day.

The note mentions Mathew’s name, the exact crime he was charged with, and describes how Mathew can get rid of this problem.

Do you think Mathew will waste any time contemplating whether or not to call the phone number of the lawyer mentioned on the note?

Not at all.

The handwritten letter instantly established that the lawyer had done his homework. This made a direct connection with Mathew.

This is the power of handwritten direct mail.

Personalization: The Secret Power of Handwritten Direct Mail for Lawyers

Handwritten direct mail is ideal for lawyers because it has the holy grail of marketing and business: personalization.

With a single handwritten letter, you leave an impact on the prospective customer by communicating to them you are aware of their problems and are ready to help them.

And that’s guaranteed to work.

Why? 57% of people said in a thorough survey that receiving direct mail makes them feel valued.

Handwritten direct mail has excellent response rates which clearly beat email.

According to a research, direct mail has a whopping 4.4% response rate, compared to 0.12% for email.

Fun fact: Better Call Saul marketing techniques no longer work in the real world.

Billboards, non-personalized, untargeted emails and leaving visiting cards on random places fail to convert because we are living in the age of personalization.

People are inundated with spam.

Send them a personalized note and they will respond!

That’s why over 35% of sales generated on Amazon are the result of personalized targeting.

Over 66% of marketers attest to the dramatic power of personalization in driving sales.

Why not use this power in law advertising?

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Return on Investment in Handwritten Direct Mail

Figuring out Return on Investment for handwritten direct mail is tricky because this metric depends on a lot of factors. According to a research, direct mail for attorneys, if coupled with online efforts like website or emails, has an ROI of up to 200%.

How Can Attorneys and Lawyers Find Leads for Handwritten Direct Mail?

Finding leads and prospective customers for lawyers and attorneys is easy, but the process needs some legwork.

There are primarily three kinds of leads related to legal matters:

  • Criminal and Traffic Leads
  • Bankruptcy Leads
  • Family Law Leads

Using courthouses and county websites you can get all kinds of leads. You can keep track of real-time arrest reports, find out defendants charged with felonies, misdemeanors and other offenses.

If you want to avoid all the complex work, you can buy lists of leads from third-party services.

Another great way is to outsource the complete process of lead search and direct mail posting to proven services like Yellow Letters Complete. Click here to learn more!

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