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eCommerce Businesses: How to Do a Loyalty Program with Yellow Letters

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

The goal of eCommerce marketing is to not only bring in new customers but also retain the ones you already have.  Retention is in some ways easier than finding new customers.  You already know who is buying your products.  Now you just have to encourage them to keep doing that.  This is where a customer loyalty program comes in.

Many eCommerce and other businesses use a loyalty program.  This is a group that is offered special discounts and other rewards for their commitment to your company.  There are hundreds of customer loyalty programs out there, though.  How are you going to make yours unique and memorable?  Try using yellow letters.

What Are Yellow Letters? 

A yellow letter is a type of marketing mail that is more personalized than your typical advertisement.  Yellow letters are either handwritten or typed using a font that’s similar to handwriting.  This makes them stand out from bills and other boring mail.  They’re called yellow letters because they are typically written on yellow legal paper, which is another way to help the notes stick out.

A yellow letter comes in an envelope like a handwritten card from a friend, not one with a printed label.  This makes people much more likely to open and read it.  This marketing strategy has been used by a wide variety of business fields, from real estate to eCommerce. 

How Can I Use Yellow Letters for a Loyalty Program? 

The point of a customer loyalty program is to make the people buying from you feel special.  If they know your company cares for them, their loyalty to your brand skyrockets.  The more emotionally invested in your eCommerce business customers are, the more likely it becomes that they will spend money there and even invite friends to shop with you.

Direct mail recipients purchase 28% more items and spend 28% more money than people who don’t get that same piece of direct mail. 

A yellow letter loyalty program makes this happen because yellow letters are personalized by definition.  It’s one thing to receive an email about a special offer that’s only for certain customers.  It’s entirely another to get a handwritten note in the mail telling you about the sale.  The latter shows a level of care that other types of eCommerce marketing do not.

You don’t even have to send that many yellow letters.  The most important one is the first one.  When people sign up for your loyalty program, make sure they receive a nice note thanking them for their commitment to your brand.  Alternatively, you can send yellow letters to frequent customers to offer them the opportunity to join the customer loyalty program.  After that, the letters don’t have to come all the time to be memorable.  Even one every couple of months can keep customers coming back. 

How Do I Make an Effective Customer Loyalty Program? 

Once you have people signed up for your loyalty program, you need lucrative offers to keep them around.  These can be special discount days, a points system that allows them to earn free rewards over time, or anything else that saves people a little money.  Be creative with your offers, and make sure they are worth pursuing.  If few people are taking advantage of a certain reward, try a new strategy instead.  This customer loyalty program is the perfect place to experiment.

Who Can Help with Yellow Letters? 

Interested in trying a yellow letter loyalty program for your eCommerce business?  Yellow Letters Complete can help.  We’ll write, address, and send your mail so all you have to do is focus on your next big eCommerce marketing plan.  Call (888) 294-0780 or send us a message to learn more. 


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