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eCommerce Marketing: 3 Tips to Make an Engaging Handwritten Letter 

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

eCommerce marketing has been around for a long time and is always changing and adapting, trying to find the best way to get people to purchase products.  Traditional marketing strategies have largely moved from physical advertisements to digital ones.  More or less every company advertises their goods online in some format.  This has created a flooded market and a customer base desensitized to marketing.

 To combat this, we encourage you to try something that may seem like a more traditional marketing scheme but is actually revolutionary: sending handwritten letters.  In a world of email inboxes filled with ads, a personalized note in the mail stands out.  It catches customers’ attention and encourages them to remember your brand.  Interested in trying handwritten letters for eCommerce marketing?  Here are three tips to make your notes engaging and meaningful. 

1. Be Positive 

Good eCommerce marketing makes people feel better after interacting with it, not worse.  There are some places for negativity in advertising.  Traditional marketing often displays the competition in a negative light.  Handwritten letters are not a place to try this.  Everything in your note should be positive, focused on uplifting your customer.

It is not enough to just display your company in a positive light.  Your message should encourage the consumer as well.  Find a way to truly connect with them and make their day better.  This could be displaying the positive social change customers can support by investing in your business or directly thanking them for their purchase.  In a world with so much negativity, optimistic words are engaging and memorable. 

2. Be Specific 

Handwritten letters already feel more personal than typed ones.  There’s a much higher chance that customers will open them than a bland, printed ad mail.  That being said, this type of eCommerce marketing shouldn’t just appear personal.  It should be specific to each customer.

Getting a personalized note turns a regular shopping experience into something much more.  Customers will remember your brand for a long time if they get a handwritten note thanking them for their purchase or apologizing for a mistake.  They are likely to tell others about it, too.  This is where things get interesting.  If consumers encourage others to buy from your company and then find out that everyone is getting the same handwritten letters, some of the magic is lost.  However, if they see their friends getting specific notes as well, it just cements the fact that this business cares about their customers. 

Only 44% of people can recall a brand immediately after seeing a digital ad compared  to 75% of people who receive direct mail. Marketing Profs

3. Be Genuine 

eCommerce marketing is all about making your products look as good as possible so people buy them.  Traditional marketing does this directly but is not the only tactic available.  A handwritten note loses a lot of its value if it’s just another push for a new product or sale.  There’s a huge difference between a letter that says thank you for supporting our business and one that reads come to our super sale next weekend.

Consumers will respond well to sincerity.  Be honest and genuine in your handwritten letters.  If you don’t have anything to say to one customer, send a note to someone else.  It is better to send out fewer letters that are sincere than many that are generic and meaningless. 

Want to Use Handwritten Letters for eCommerce Marketing? 

Interested in trying a less traditional marketing strategy, but not sure how you’ll find time to write all these notes?  Yellow Letters Complete is here to help.  They can create all kinds of handwritten letters and send them out to customers for you.  Call (888) 294-0780 to learn more or contact us to learn more.


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