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Get More Leads for your Car Dealership in 2022

Lina VanNatta
Lina VanNatta

As a dealer, you are always looking for new ways to generate leads – whether you have inventory to sell or need to bring more used cars to your lot. Social media sites have been an ever-expanding conversational and campaign space for car dealerships.

Marketing a car dealership in today’s world demands a multichannel approach from updating your website to reflect consumer trends to staying present on your local radio and TV channel to creating social media and email campaigns while building a digital presence is a must. Your car dealership can also take the road less traveled with direct mail marketing.

Why Direct Mail?

What was once the only way to advertise your business is now just one of a multitude of marketing options, but the truth is, consistent direct mail campaigns with flyers and greeting cards may just bring you more customers than your last email campaign.

Unlike emails and ads, personalized postcards cannot be ignored. Deals and coupons delivered on a postcard tend to make their way to your customers’ fridge doors. Sending personalized mail campaigns to your customers makes them more likely to remember your brand, giving you higher revenue and ROI. In fact, direct mail has a 29% return on investment, which makes the little extra time and resources worth it for your dealership. You can increase this ROI even further by using handwritten mail.

Handwrite Your Mail Pieces

Handwritten direct mail campaigns are rarely heard of these days, which is why your car dealership would have the most successful campaign in town. Handwritten letters are personal and take time and effort. A customer receiving a handwritten greeting card will feel a stronger connection with your dealership than they would with a dealership that floods their email spam folder.

The United States Postal Service found that American households only receive ten handwritten pieces of mail a year. These pieces of mail have a 99% open rate. When you send a handwritten and hand-addressed letter to your customer, you dramatically increase the chances of customers considering your dealership for their next purchase handwritten direct mail campaign in 2022 will give you a stronger connection with your customers and make you more memorable. Sending multi-touch direct mail campaigns may also motivate customers to make a purchase sooner. This has a lot to do with customers seeing new cars and fresh deals more frequently.

Start with Yellow Letters Complete

Despite the benefits of handwritten campaigns, your dealership may not have a feasible way to hand address and mail out hundreds of letters or postcards. Yellow Letters Complete knows how tedious a handwritten direct mail campaign can be, and we are ready to do the work for you!

We have a team of writers that will hand address your mail pieces and give each letter and postcard a personal touch for your customers.

Visit us online or call us at 1-888-294-0780 to see how we can help your car dealership get more leads in 2022.


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