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Handwritten Letters: 3 Ideas for an eCommerce Marketing Campaign 

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

When it comes to eCommerce marketing, it may seem like everything has already been tried.  Products are advertised everywhere from TV commercials to Facebook ads to billboards.  How can you stand out amid so many different eCommerce businesses all selling different things?  The answer lies in something old, not new: handwritten letters.

The response rate for direct mail is up to nine times higher than that of email. Data & Marketing Association

Marketing letters aren’t exactly a new strategy.  Many eCommerce companies use mail for advertising.  The difference is the type of letter.  Unlike boring mailers, handwritten letters are personal and unique.  They stand out in a stack of bills and are a great way to connect with existing customers and bring in new ones.  Here are three ideas for marketing letters to use for an eCommerce business.

1. Thank You Notes 

You might not think of thanking customers as eCommerce marketing, but hear us out.  People love to be appreciated.  They also remember both times that people thank them and unique experiences.  Getting handwritten letters from an eCommerce company could be those things simultaneously.

Try an eCommerce marketing campaign where you send a personalized thank you note to every customer who spends over a certain amount during a specific period of time.  This isn’t the type of marketing strategy that will bring in new shoppers, but it will build loyalty in those that already buy from your company.  A solid group of people that consistently invest in your brand is better than a larger number of people who only shop once or twice. 

2. Apologies 

This is another idea that isn’t your typical eCommerce marketing strategy, but it can still work.  Look through review websites to find customers who left only one or two stars for your business, or check back to see if any orders got messed up and needed to be re-shipped recently.  Compile a list of names, and start drafting apologies.  Personalized messages and handwritten letters really seal the deal.

Like thank yous, apologies from companies are rare.  Most eCommerce businesses will give a halfhearted sorry at the end of an email or phone call if anything.  Mailing a handwritten letter that explains what went wrong and how bad you feel about it shows that your business is willing to go above and beyond for customers.  It shows that you care about each person that shops with you and are committed to quality service.  This eCommerce marketing strategy might just win you back some customers that swore they’d never shop with you again.  

3. Special Offers 

Everyone likes free stuff.  While generic ads for sales often get overlooked, there is a way to make marketing letters like this work.  Select a group of customers to receive handwritten letters that offer them some kind of incentive for their commitment to your company.  This could be a personalized coupon code, early access to a big sale, or anything else that would save them some money.  

By using handwritten letters and selecting a relatively small group to get the special offer, you are again showing how your eCommerce company values customers.  People are more likely to use a coupon or attend a sale that is specifically offered to them, so you’ll get more revenue through this campaign as well. 

Need Help with Marketing Letters? 

Want to use handwritten letters for your eCommerce marketing but aren’t sure where to start?  Yellow Letters Complete can help.  We offer all kinds of marketing letters, from handwritten notes to postcards to greeting cards.  No matter your need, Yellow Letters Complete can make your marketing letter campaign a reality.  Call (888) 294-0780 or contact us to learn more. 

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