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How Handwritten Marketing Can Boost Your Insurance Sales

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

When it comes to letters for marketing, a lot of mail gets thrown away before anyone even opens it.  We’ve gotten pretty good at recognizing spam mail and tossing it in the trash without a second glance.  So does this mean all marketing letters should be left in the past?  Not necessarily.

There is a type of direct marketing mail that is effective: handwritten mail.  It’s unique, looks like normal mail, and comes from a trustworthy local address.  Here are some reasons handwritten mail still works and how it can boost your insurance sales.

Personalized Direct Marketing Mail 

One reason handwritten mail is so effective as a marketing tool is that it’s personalized.  Rather than sending the same mass-market letter or flyer to everyone in the neighborhood, you can send marketing letters that are unique to the individual.  Their name is handwritten on the envelope, making them that much more likely to open it.  

Personalized marketing is not new.  It’s become very common in digital advertising.  Think of the ads that pop up on social media relating to clothing you were just shopping for on other sites.  People are somewhat used to this, but personalized mail advertisements are not nearly as common.  This makes it eye-catching and more effective. 

Marketing Letters Impersonating Regular Mail 

If you receive a letter in a handwritten envelope, you are likely to open it because it looks like normal mail.  Handwritten mail doesn’t scream advertisement.  By disguising your letters for marketing in this way, you increase the chances that potential customers will open and read them.  Marketing letters that are visibly advertisements are less likely to be effective in generating leads.  There’s no point investing in a marketing strategy that people aren’t going to give a second glance, so choose handwritten instead. 

Local Letters, Higher Response Rate 

There is a lot of support nowadays for local businesses.  People want to contribute to their own community’s growth rather than to a faraway corporation that doesn’t impact the daily lives of people they know.  This focus has helped businesses bring in new customers from their community as long as they capitalize on the opportunity.  If your insurance company wants to reach more local clients, handwritten mail can help.

The Data & Marketing Association reveals that 42.2% of direct mail recipients go through the materials you send.

With direct marketing mail, potential customers will see your local return address on the envelope.  Your phone number that’s on the enclosed letter will also likely have the same area code as theirs.  These things are signals that your company is made up of real people who use the same grocery stores and libraries as the people you are reaching out to.  People are more likely to respond to others in their community than to outsiders.  Use this to your advantage in marketing letters. 

Insurance Customers Can Trust 

When it comes to insurance, customers want a company they can trust.  Whether this money is to cover their car, home, or family, insurance needs to be reliable.  Handwritten mail helps show that your business is trustworthy.  It is personal and shows that you care about each individual.  In this business more than others, showing your elite customer service skills from the start is vital.  People aren’t going to buy insurance from a company they don’t feel they can rely on.

Looking for Help with Marketing Letters? 

Interested in using handwritten mail for marketing but not sure how you can keep up with the busy work?  Yellow Letters Complete can help. Their truly handwritten letters and envelopes have helped many companies get new leads and increase sales.  They also offer postcards, greeting cards, and other forms of direct mail marketing.  Call (888) 294-0780 or visit for more information.


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