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How to Optimize Your Multi-Touch Campaign

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer several campaign types, including multi-touch campaigns. Multi-touch campaigns can help improve the response rate for your campaign by reaching out to a single mailing list multiple times. This helps keep your name and information consistently in front of your leads. As credibility and trust builds, more leads will reach out over the course of a multi-touch campaign.

So how can you create a multi-touch to best suit your target audience? At Yellow Letters Complete, it’s simple! To optimize your multi-touch campaign, follow the steps below:

Mix Up Your Mail Pieces

With a multi-touch campaign, using more than one type of mail piece can help boost your results. By keeping a fresh appearance, your leads will be more likely to open and read each mail piece. To help stand out, consider sending a mix of yellow letters, typed letters, and postcards, or even some more unique mail pieces such as stationery letters or greeting cards.

If you prefer to stick with a single mail piece type, try mixing up the colors. We offer several envelope colors and sizes, ink colors, and card stock colors to help each touch stand out among the crowd. We can also include graphics on envelopes or postcards to further personalize each touch.

Envelopes Postcard with Graphic

Use a Consistent Message

While each mail piece should have a slightly different appearance, your message should be consistent. While the wording should offer slight variations, your overall message should cover similar information each time. This may include the benefits of working with you, how you can specifically help, and more. You should also use the same contact information on each mail piece to help your leads recognize your name.

You can also use verbiage to reference your previous mailings, such as “I’m reaching out again,” or “I’m surprised I haven’t heard from you.” This will also remind your leads that you have mailed them consistently. To create a sense of urgency, you can use words such as “Final Notice” or “This is my final letter,” on the last mail piece in your campaign.

Smiley Face Postcard

Choose an Appropriate Schedule

One of the best things about a multi-touch campaign is that it will mail automatically on the schedule of your choice. So how can you decide what schedule is best for your campaign? It depends on your list. For extremely urgent lists, such as Notice of Defaults, sending a mail piece every 2 weeks, or even every week, can help ensure you are reaching your leads in time for them to make a decision. For lists that require more patience, such as a probate list, sending a mail piece every six weeks may be best. This can help keep your contact consistent, but respectful.

If you are unsure how many weeks to schedule in between mailings, four weeks is a safe choice. This can also be especially helpful for reaching leads around their monthly “pain point.” For example, what might an absentee owner, such as a renter, dislike? Maybe it is collecting payment from renters, or paying utilities and property taxes. By mailing to these leads once a month, you can remind them of another option each time they deal with their monthly “pain points.”

Calendar with Date

A multi-touch campaign can help you plan and manage your direct mail marketing. To set-up your multi-touch campaign, contact us at 888-294-0780.


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