Is Your Direct Mail “Amazon Prime” Quality?


Amazon Prime is the king of online shopping these days. Every day, on front porches and in mailboxes, there are brown boxes and packages with blue packing tape that says “Amazon Prime” on it. And, every day, people are eagerly awaiting the arrival of something they’ve ordered. Sure, they get tons of other pieces of mail and some other packages dropped on their front porch, but they will excitedly grab that Amazon Prime package first. 

Why Is Amazon Prime So Popular? 

Everyone, even Scrooge himself, likes to receive a package, and when it has “Amazon Prime” on it, that makes it even better!  Amazon Prime has made an impression upon online shoppers everywhere. Why? Because Amazon Prime has sent them something tangible that they can’t wait to get it! 

Amazon Prime is convenient and fast. You can get something in your hands quickly and without the hassle of shopping. You can get what you need and want without driving from place to place, without the crowds or finding a parking space, and without having to walk the aisles. You can shop at home on your schedule, relaxed. 

Can You Use This Same Strategy? 

Yes, you can keep sending those digital messages to your list of 10,000 prospective clients, but does it stand out like Amazon Prime packages do? Your digital message is one of maybe thousands, even millions, among other ads, emails, and pop-ups. 

Every day, we’re all inundated with ads upon ads, messages upon messages, to the point that we don’t even look at them anymore. We hit delete or ignore the pop-up and go on about our day. But if we receive a letter in the mail that is hand-addressed, it strikes us as a personal contact and becomes more real, even tangible.

59% of US respondents say they enjoy getting mail from brands about new products. Epsilon

Consistency with A Personal and Empathic Touch 

By sending your prospective clients a letter that has been hand-addressed, your brand is going to be unforgettable. It will arrive in mailboxes with a personal touch that shows you’re empathic to concerns and issues of the receiver.  

If you’re not sure how to write a message that will connect with your prospective clients, Yellow Letters Complete can help you. We can set up a scheduled plan for your letters to be sent consistently, keeping your brand in front of your prospects. And, we’ll do all that for free! 

Just like Amazon Prime has done, you too can bring happiness and surprises to mailboxes. Visit us here to learn more!

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