Multi-Touch Direct Mail Campaigns – How to Handle Name Removals

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

As you previously learned, multi-touch direct mail campaigns can help you effectively reach your leads with a consistent message. By sending multiple touches to a single mailing list, you can keep your name and information in front your leads. This can also help cultivate trust and credibility with your potential clients. But what happens if someone reaches out to you before all of your touches have landed? If your leads have already expressed interest, or have asked to be removed from your mailing, how can you ensure they won’t receive the remaining touches? No problem! We can remove names from your multi-touch campaign for any upcoming mailings.

At Yellow Letters Complete, it is fast and easy to submit your name removals. As long as we have one week notice prior to the scheduled mail date, we can remove names from your remaining touches. Simply send us an email at with any names and/or addresses you would like to remove. To ensure we have your complete list of removals, please send them in a single batch. Once we receive the list of removals, we will remove those names from all future mailings!

With any direct mail campaign, some leads may request to be removed from your mailing. By responding quickly to these leads, you will keep a professional, positive image.

This simple process will help you avoid mailing to unsuitable leads multiple times. Whether they lack interest OR have already responded with interest, name removals help target your list and optimize your subsequent mailings. We want you to get the most out of your multi-touch direct mail campaigns, so we’ve made sure to include an easy name removal process. See for yourself how easy and effective multi-touch direct mail campaigns can be!

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