How Successful Online Retailers are Building Customer Loyalty with Direct Mail

Lina VanNatta
Lina VanNatta

eCommerce stores gain a large audience with digital marketing, but many miss out on the benefits that direct mail marketing can bring. Online retailers are attempting to gain more customer loyalty, but it is hard to remain competitive and memorable with the fast-moving pace of the internet.

Handwritten direct mail gives your eCommerce store the personality of brick-and-mortar stores while keeping the convenience of online shopping. Handwritten letters may feel old-school, but that is what makes you stand out from the crowd. There are a few ways that eCommerce marketing through direct mail helps build customer loyalty.

Improve Brand Identity

After your customer receives your product, follow up with a handwritten letter through the mail. As customers scan their mail looking for bills, they will see an envelope hand-addressed with their name. This will show your customer that you appreciate their purchase. This makes your customers feel seen instead of feeling like they are just another number, and will create a positive view of your brand, motivating customers to purchase from you again and tell friends and family about your store.

Increase Memorability

Send postcards periodically to keep customers engaged with your business. Once a customer purchases a product online, they are used to ignoring emails, targeted social media ads, and display ads that tend to follow them around from site to site. Hand-addressed mail is harder to ignore and can be exciting to receive. Postcards will keep your brand at the forefront of your customer’s minds, and they will naturally think of your brand more often. When starting a mail campaign, ensure that the assets you create are on brand and printed on high-quality paper to ensure the best brand experience possible.

Encourage Customer Connection

Ensure that your letters are handwritten and personalized for each customer. People recognize the effort that goes into handwriting and mailing a letter. They would never expect such effort from a large brand.

According to Epsilon, 59% of US respondents say they enjoy getting mail from brands about new products.

Customers notice the difference between a handwritten font and genuinely handwritten letters. Handwritten mail feels very personal, and customers don’t take that effort and personalization lightly. The handwritten font is noticeable, but not nearly as effective as truly handwritten postcards. Encourage a connection with your brand by sending customers periodic handwritten letters, postcards, and promotions.


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