Options For Your Custom Wholesaling Direct Mail


Do you want to find a way for your wholesaling direct mail campaign to stand out from all the other wholesalers? At Yellow Letters Complete, we can customize our wholesale campaign with several options that include custom inserts, customizable templates, and more. All to give your wholesale campaign that personal touch.

Our envelopes are truly handwritten and individually addressed, proven to dramatically increase the rate of letters that are opened. We also will create customized inserts for your wholesale campaign, creating a physical reminder for your potential clients about your message. And if you need or want the design, your graphics or message to be unique, we can do that too!

Our Customized Inserts

We can create a customized insert to include with your wholesale mail campaign that will help make your message stand out. We can also include a response postcard that is stamped First Class and ready for your potential wholesale clients to send back. Inserting your personal business card is always a great idea and we can do that as well.

All you need to do is send your materials to us and we’ll take it from there. In fact, we have several types of customized inserts like flyers, magnets, etc. And we can place an actual handwritten sticky note on each of your wholesaling letters to give it that personal touch. With Yellow Letters Complete, the possibilities are endless!

Our Templates or Your Own Template

We have a wide assortment of templates available for your wholesale mail campaign from greeting cards and yellow letters, to stationery letters or typed letters, even postcards. Of if you have your own idea of a template for specific wholesale campaigns with a unique message, we will create a customized template to suit your needs. We work with your image and verbiage then send you a proof to view and approve.

We Offer Other Customized Options Too

You can mix and match with the wide choices of custom options we offer that will work for almost every aspect of your wholesale campaign. With envelopes in many different colors that can be addressed in black, blue, or red ink, with or without a custom graphic on the front. We offer postage in First Class and standard, you choose where your return address is placed. We offer card stock and paper in different colors as well to fit your wholesale campaign.