The New Era of High-Touch Marketing


Your customers are buried in incoming emails. If they even reach the inbox, many emails are never opened. When the success of your business success depends on continually reaching out to customers and prospects, consider direct mail. Today, customers love personalization more than ever, and that’s where handwritten mail comes in. Handwritten mail is a highly effective tool to stay in front of prospects and customers, while personalizing the interactions to keep them engaged.

According to Gallup, 41% of Americans of all ages look forward to checking their mail each day. 

Hand-Addressed Envelope

Peel and stick labels and pre-printed envelopes are the common ways to address direct mail these days. People are used to receiving mail that’s addressed to “resident of” or “to our neighbor” rather than addressing them by name. A hand-addressed envelope rarely arrives at your home or business, but the extra step will be a very effective form of marketing.  It’s easier than you think to take a few minutes for personalized mail, especially with hand-written options from Yellow Letters Complete.

This form of high-touch marketing is meant to reach a few special customers or potential customers. By focusing on customized, handwritten messages, you are choosing quality leads over quantity.  While email blasts or social media posts will help get your name out there, hand-addressed envelopes will grab customers’ attention in person, while they are away from the distraction of a device.

Handwritten Letter

While your competitor’s unsolicited mail sits unopened, your personalized marketing materials have a chance to generate in new leads. A handwritten letter grabs attention among the junk mail. It communicates how important creating a strong relationship is to you.

Personalized direct mail can make a customer pause and focus on your message. How many times do we glance at a mailing and throw it away, before considering the content? With handwritten letters and hand-addressed envelopes, you’ll gain the attention of the reader, become more memorable and start more in-person conversations.

Hand-Addressed Postcard

Hand-addressed postcards are an eye-catching way to put your message in front of your customers. There are hundreds of designs available, so you’ll always find a way to stand out.  The right image on your postcard can engage your customer while communicating your brand. A hand-addressed postcard reminds your customers you are still there and personalized offers motivate them to reach out.

Personalized Sticky Notes

At Yellow Letters Complete, we can add a handwritten sticky note to your letter. You can use it for a call to action, a phone number, or a limited-time offer. Or you can attach key information about your business, like contact information and operating hours. In the same way that a sticky note on the fridge grabs your family’s attention, this sticky note will provide your customer with the information they might need later. They won’t need to write anything down, simply keep the sticky note to contact you later.

Are you looking to generate more leads using direct mail? Create your high-touch marketing campaign with Yellow Letters Complete. Our team of writers will personalize every letter, envelope, postcard, and sticky note for your customers. Connect with us to save time and resources, while keeping your letters out of your customer’s “later” mail pile.

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