Tips to Improve Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign – Choose an Effective Mail Piece

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Choosing an effective mail piece can dramatically increase the response from your direct mail campaign. Ineffective mail pieces can leave your leads confused, hesitant, or even dismissive. So how can you predict if your mail piece will flop or soar? Get to know your target audience!

To get the best response from your target audience, you need to choose an effective mail piece that resonates with your leads. For every campaign, you want to make sure your message is clear, concise, and includes a call to action. If your mail piece is easy to navigate, your leads will be more likely to read your entire message. Keeping your name and contact information in an easily located space will also encourage response from your leads.

So that’s it, right? Not quite. You also need to make sure your message is appropriate for your campaign. If you are mailing to a formal or serious list, such as a probate list, using silly graphics or playful language can be inappropriate. On the other hand, if you are marketing to a more casual list, experimenting with seasonal colors or graphics can help your message stand out.

Likewise, the actual mail piece can affect the reception of your message:

Yellow Letters

Since they have such a personal appearance, yellow letters are perfect for a friendly introduction or inquiry. Yellow letters work well as a stand-alone mailing or as a part of a multi-touch campaign, especially since the ink color can be adjusted for each touch! While they are effective with most lists, they work best for lists that allow for a more casual feel. 

Typed letters

Typed letters allow you to maintain a professional appearance and can be customized in several ways. Include your logo, color letterhead, signature, picture, and more! Like yellow letters, typed letters can be used either as a single touch or multi-touch campaign. These can be effective with most list types, but are an especially good fit for formal lists.


With several vibrant colors of cardstock to choose from, postcards are a great way stand out and keep your name and information in front of your clients. Postcards can be modified to have a more serious appearance or a more playful appearance depending on your target audience. These work best as part of a multi-touch campaign and are a cost-effective way to follow up with your leads.


Stationery can help you show your creative side and make a connection with your leads based on a season, holiday, and more. Our stationery letters work particularly well for lists that allow for a casual feel, such as absentee owned or owner occupied leads.

Greeting Cards

In order to follow up or thank your clients in a personal way, consider using greeting cards. Greeting cards can be customized with your chosen graphic or logo, and can also be modified to appear more formal or casual depending on your list. Greeting cards are a wonderful way to reach out and thank past clients to encourage more business or even referrals.

Not sure where to begin? No problem! At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer several tested and proven templates for yellow letters, typed letters, postcards, stationery, and greeting cards. Simply choose your favorite template and we will take care of the rest!

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