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Truly Handwritten™ Envelopes vs Printed Font Envelopes

Emily Schmeltzer
Emily Schmeltzer

At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer a variety of envelope styles and options to fit your campaign. Our high-quality envelopes invite your leads to open and read the message inside.  Available in several colors, you can match your envelopes to virtually any campaign type, season, or holiday.

Aside from the style and color, you can also choose between our Truly Handwritten™ envelopes and our printed font envelopes. Unsure which is the right fit for your campaign? Continue below to learn more:

Truly Handwritten™ Envelopes

Our Truly Handwritten™ envelopes are each individually addressed by hand. We recommend our Truly Handwritten™ envelopes for most campaigns due to their personal appearance and unparalleled response rates.

Unlike other companies, we have a dedicated team of professional writers to address each envelope. Not only does this elevate the appearance of each envelope, but it also means that we can also accommodate special instructions for your campaign. For example, we can include an insert with your letter, sign your letter by hand, or include a handwritten sticky note on your letter. The possibilities are endless!

Our Truly Handwritten™ envelopes include your choice of a sticky standard stamp or First Class postage. Each envelope is sealed with your return address label using a seasonal graphic, or you can choose to have your return address written by hand. Our Truly Handwritten™ envelopes are highly customizable and are the best fit for most campaign options.

Printed Font Envelopes

Our printed font envelopes are a budget friendly option for bulk letter campaigns. Our printed font envelopes use our proprietary font software, which loads real handwriting and adds variability to the letters. This allows the envelopes to appear handwritten. We can also use a traditional printed font if requested.

While printed font envelopes do not boast the same open rates as our Truly Handwritten™ envelopes, they can still bring successful results for your campaign. They also offer a small discount which can help lower costs.

Our printed font envelopes do not include a sticky stamp or return address label. Instead, the postage and address are printed on each envelope, helping lower costs for your campaign. Each return address is paired with a seasonal doodle to help your envelopes appear handwritten and personal.

Printed font envelopes are a great option for campaigns that need to fit a strict marketing budget.

Which Should You Choose?

Most campaign types benefit from our Truly Handwritten™ envelopes. However, if you are struggling to meet a limited budget, our printed font envelopes are a great alternative to start growing your lead pool.

Either envelope option can be prepared on any of our invitation style or #10 business style envelopes, opening up your possibilities even more! If you need guidance when choosing your envelope style, please contact us at 888-294-0780 to see which option is best for you. Start your custom campaign today!


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