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What Makes Yellow Letters Complete Complete

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

What Makes Yellow Letters Complete “Complete”?

Our owner was asked recently by a customer exactly what does the “complete” in our name mean. Well, to name the company “Full-Service Mailing Services” or “White-Gloved Mailing Services” were too general and really didn’t tell the whole story. But yet, every wholesale customer that contacts us will receive just that” full-service mailing services or white-gloved mailing services, and then some.

Automation is the name of the game for the direct mail industry today with most companies being more concerned about automation and boosting their bottom line. But that approach puts more burden on the you, the wholesaler. Here at Yellow Letters Complete, our customer is more important than our bottom line. And that is the difference why you receive low-quality products that are personalized with handwritten addresses or messages from them that have a low rate of being opened, much less read.

So, when you hear the name Yellow Letters Complete, we mean it – our yellow letters are complete. We give each customer a hands-off approach to provide you a wholesale mail campaign that will be successful. We let you do your job and make calls, do the follow-ups, and the close deals because we will do all the rest.

Wholesale Campaign Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

With our white-gloved service providing you complete service, all you need to do is tell us what you want your wholesale campaign to say and who you want it sent to. We just need the what and the who from you and then we’ll take it from there. Seriously!

Each of our customers are treated like special circumstances that get the same high level of services that include the following:

✓ Artwork formatted

✓ Materials edited

✓ Clean and format your complete mailing list

✓ We handle whatever data format you provide

✓ We can source and suppress your leads list

  • Our resell leads aren’t resold for six months

✓ We will test your wholesale mailing with an A/B split

✓ We offer effective strategies that are proven

✓ We manage multi-touch direct wholesale and ongoing campaigns for you

And best of all, we do not charge any extra for these things! That is what the complete in our name means. We can be your marketing department, working in your style and on your schedule.

To get started, reach out to us here or call 1-888-294-0780

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