Why Your Business Should Use Lumpy (3D) Mail Right Now

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Imagine receiving something like this in your direct mail box:

Nothing fancy, right?

Now imagine getting this:

As soon as you see a package like this outside your door, excitement, curiosity and eagerness to open the package go through the roof!

Do you think anybody in the world would ignore or not open this type of package after finding this in their direct mail?


100% open rate guaranteed.

Wait, what?

100% Open Rate

In a world where companies are barely getting an average open rate of just 30% for their e-mail campaigns, we are talking about a guaranteed 100% open rate.

Welcome to the world of lump mail or 3D mail.

What Is Lump or 3D Mail?

What exactly is lump mail?

The kind of direct mail which has a lump, size, mass and dimension to it.

Let me show you some examples of lump mail:

Why You Should Use Lump Mail for Your Business

Remarkable Response Rates

You can achieve remarkable response rates with lump or 3D mail. According to a Direct Marketing Association report, lump or 3D mail’s response rate is 200%-300% better than “flat mail” or your usual direct mail in plain envelopes.


Here’s a bitter truth: people just don’t trust marketing and promotional stuff anymore unless it really stands out in the clutter.

Surveys show that people rank marketers on extremely low ranks for honesty and integrity.

Image source

An average person sees over 4,000 ads daily.

To get attention and responses, you have to stand out.

There’s no better way to stand out and build trust than to send lump or 3D mail.

When a user sees a gift package in their direct mail, they’d instantly know that you put some effort and time in it.

On the contrary, they will never get a feeling of being special and exclusive with flat mail or email, as they know marketers send this kind of stuff to thousands of people.

Once your target lead opens the lump mail package and sees your message (preferably, a handwritten note with wet ink), they’ll be inclined to respond.

Lump Mail Gives You Instant Attention!

Remember how legendary marketer Gary Halbert put dollar bills in his letters to grab attention?

Lump or 3D mail is similar in strategy.

Our goal is to get attention.

Everyone is racing to get the attention of their target market.

A survey says that major companies spent over $31 billion in just one year on their social media advertising campaigns.

But the human attention span is shrinking (now less than 8 seconds).

The best way to get attention is to make your customers feel special, and get them to read your message in a medium for which we have been biologically programmed for hundreds of years.

Over 70% people said receiving direct mail exclusively addressed to them makes them feel valued.

This percentage is about flat mail.

Imagine the effects of a big, hefty gift package!

They will pay attention, open, and respond.

You can choose anything for your lump mail strategy based on your industry or niche. For example, a business was able to boost its sales by using a lump mail campaign using this bank bag:

Some other inspiration for you.

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