Your Wholesaling Mailing List – How To Choose The Best Area and List Type


If you’re looking to get a direct mail campaign together for your wholesale real estate business, Yellow Letters Complete can help. Direct mail campaigns are our forte and we can help you design one that will suit your needs and get you a response rate you want. But there are a few decisions to make before choosing the details of your campaign, like the colors and schedule of your direct mail piece. You also need to decide the area that you’re going to focus on and what type of leads that you want to target.

Getting Your Wholesale Direct Mail Campaign Started

Start by determining the type of mailing list you’re going to work from and how you are going to be able to help those prospects.  Are you equipped and ready to handle urgent timelines such as Notice of Default leads, the or is your strong suite probate leads, which can take a lot of patience, not to mention an emotional strength. There are benefits and here are difficulties on any list type, so you want to assess how you can help to those prospects and work those types of leads.

There are filters for mailing lists that will guide you to the ideal audience for your wholesaling real estate business. The filter can be used to target a specific age range, the purchase date, or even the market value. You can filter the number of bedrooms and size of house, as well as many other features, much like when you are shopping for a house. Filters will give you a mailing list that focuses on your targeted audience and keeps you on budget and on plan.

Your Targeted Wholesaling Area

Next, you need to choose the area that you want to focus on. The number of leads available will be dependent upon the area, rural or urban. A mailing list can be filtered by the types of leads as well as the competition for those leads. To have the most filters, you want to choose a larger area to target. Do this by choosing a single zip code and see how many filters are available. For many counties, you can get very specific with filter choices for a successful wholesaling real estate direct mail campaign.