About Us

About Yellow Letters Complete

Founded in 2006, Yellow Letters Complete started as a Yellow Letter direct mail company. “Complete” in our name refers to complete direct mail campaigns – from list to mailbox. We offer a mailing list, a letter message, artwork processing, proofreading, list optimization, printing, mailing, and multitouch campaign management. 

We’ve always done things a little differently. While other companies focused on automating, we poured our energy and resources into improving quality and expanding customization options. From day 1, we’ve prided ourselves on offering real human handwriting at a cost-effective price point, coupled with passionate, caring service and attention to detail.

We’re proud to have an in-house team of skilled writers who hand-write beautiful, innovative pieces that capture attention in ways not possible through mass-printed mailers. We produce several million pieces of mail this way each year for thousands of clients who are serious about their campaigns. They want a direct mail partner with standards as high as theirs. That’s why we settle for nothing less than premium products supported by premium service!

As we expand our offering to more industries and come up with new mailer options to help you capture more leads, handwritten mailers will remain the key component of our service.

Why Direct Mail

Grab attention with tangible advertising

While they can minimize a window or skip an ad, a piece of physical mail holds your customers’ attention a lot longer. A skillfully executed, targeted campaign can result in ROI as high as 20X.

Get in front of more prospects with fewer rules

Digital marketing is getting more and more regulated. Privacy policies, cookie policies, terms of service, are all making it more and more challenging and expensive to engage your prospects online. While direct mail comes with its own set of rules, they are easier to navigate, and they don’t change every other day. 

Break through filters

Digital marketing space is crowded. To prevent being bombarded with ads, your customers use email blockers, spam filters and “skip ad” features. With direct mail, you bypass filters and get your message into your customers hands.

Why Handwritten Mail

If you are here, chances are you already know the power of handwritten mail. If you are new here, here’s the drill. Originally, the term Yellow Letters referred to direct mail letters that are (or made to look like they are) handwritten on yellow-lined paper, and sent in a hand-addressed envelope.  

Handwritten and personalized mail has been proven to drive higher response rates than printed envelopes and letters, with open rates as high as 99%.

Today, we employ a team of both human and robot writers to address your envelopes, sign your letters, write Post-it notes, and even fully pen your message.

Why Yellow Letters Complete

Premium Product

  • Market-Leading Mail: The exceptional level of quality and ability to supply at scale make our handwritten mail the most attractive and cost-effective product available.
  • Customization: Our team offers handwritten customizations that our customers say stand out from all other pieces they’ve seen and are nearly impossible to mass-produce.
  • Turnaround: Our group is dedicated to your success. We’re able to quickly turn around orders thanks to as many as 50 writers putting pen to paper at any given time.
  • Quality Control: All printing occurs in our facility and each piece undergoes a rigorous inspection process, something you don’t always find with more automated options.
  • Campaign Management: We manage your long-term multitouch drip campaigns, split your mailings into batches, and handle your opt-outs—all with no extra fees.


Premium Service

    • Simple Process: Customer service starts at first contact. Our direct mail process is stress-free and user-friendly, and we’re always ready to step in whenever you need us.
    • Communications: Call between 9am and 7pm M–F and you’ll talk with a real person right away. Email and we’ll get back to you within the hour (within two on the weekend!).
    • Ordering: Some customers know what they want while others prefer a reassuring voice guiding them through the process. Either way, we can take care of you!
    • White Glove: Our high-quality service is complimentary for all of our customers, not just for certain orders. You come to us for the best product, you deserve the best treatment.
    • Campaign Consultation: We offer 100% free campaign consultation regardless of your direct mail experience. Bottom line, if you need help, we’re here!


Your customer service has been as good as it gets. I wish everyone that I dealt with was as attentive as you’ve been.”

– Mark M.

Our Philosophy

Yes, you can still generate plenty of leads with direct mail

Lead generation looks different in the digital age and the role of direct mail has changed. Flimsy postcards and “been there done that” window envelopes have become recycling fodder. Today, effective direct mail marketing is personal and connects you with your contacts 1-on-1.

At Yellow Letters Complete, we have been supporting real estate professionals and business owners with handwritten mail campaigns for the past 15 years. We believe handwritten direct mail can be a powerful lead generation tool or an effective complement to your digital campaigns.

You don’t need another printing company. You need a trusted partner.

Anyone can print cheap postcards. Over the years, we’ve seen a number of companies come and go. We believe printing and sending mail is not enough. You need a team that understands how to prepare and manage effective campaigns, keeps up with industry trends and is passionate about maximizing results. You need a partner who has your back, who can catch errors and find ways to make your campaign cost-effective without cutting corners. 

At Yellow Letters Complete, we don’t just send mail, we partner with our clients to help them achieve success with their lead generation campaigns.

We stand against scammy pricing tactics

Lowest advertised prices don’t signal cost-effective campaigns or high ROI. We don’t believe in manipulating our advertised prices to attract clients, only to hit them with multiple fees later. It’s a bait and switch tactic that enables direct mail companies to attract business owners looking to save money, but leaves them to do a large portion of the work themselves. There is usually little to no due diligence or quality control, and mail goes out with errors – wrong addresses, multiple duplicate records, spelling mistakes, and formatting issues. At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer transparent, all-inclusive pricing for a comprehensive service that leaves nothing out.

Quality takes time

Printers work faster than people with pens. And simply printing your envelopes, letters and postcards takes no time at all. Our writers take time to hand address and put stamps on your envelopes. Our dedicated team conducts quality checks throughout the process to ensure your list is optimized, your mailings are flawless, and your campaigns are executed effectively and masterfully. As your direct mail partner, we are committed to delivering the best quality, cost effectively.


Yellow Letters Complete is an amazing service! Not only is their product superb, but I was especially impressed by the customer service. I know I can count on them.

– Trisha L.