Testing and Tracking Your Wholesaling Direct Mail Campaign


You have your target leads in place, created a wholesale marketing plan, and have a mail piece carefully crafted. But is your direct mail marketing ready to go? To ensure the continued success of your wholesale campaign, you want to test it first because not all campaigns are good for everyone and every market.

It takes experimenting to find which marketing technique will be the most effective for you, which is as crucial as tracking the results. How can you test your wholesale direct mail campaign?

Testing Your Wholesale Direct Mail

To test your wholesale area, create several mailing lists and several mail pieces. Then you’ll want to mix and match these until you find a winning combination that gets you the best results! Start your test with a different piece from a different geographic area or mailing list. To make this easier, Yellow Letters Complete can provide you mailing pieces and mailing lists to fit your wholesaling profile needs.

How to Track Your Wholesale Real Estate Campaigns

There are different methods that can track your results, such as these:

  • Your wholesale mail pieces can be a tracking tool simply by adding a tracking number on each mail piece, then refer to that tracking number each time you reach out to one of those prospects.
  • Your website can be a great tracking tool by including your website address on your direct wholesale mail pieces. This will not only give you tracking information from the mail pieces, but for your website itself.
  • Another great tool is your phone number by using a different phone number on each wholesale campaign, you’ll be able to judge the best performance so that you can replicate that direct mail wholesaling campaign.

How to Measure The Results From Your Wholesale Campaigns

The response rate is the most common way to measure campaign results which is measured by the number of responses you get divided by the number of direct mail pieces sent. When the response rate is what you wanted, that is when you change the mail piece up or work a different targeted area, or both!

Keep in mind that you should consider not only the response rate, but the results of those responses. If no sale out of the responses, then it wasn’t a successful direct wholesale campaign. A high conversion rate from the responses is what will determine you have a winning campaign!