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Campaign Checklist – Following Your Direct Mail Marketing Plan

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Checklist

Sending your letter in a handwritten envelope can help your message stand out, get read, and improve your response! So what do you need in order to start? At Yellow Letters Complete, we can help you set up your campaign step by step, or you can simply follow the checklist below:

  1. What Can Your Direct Mail Marketing Plan Handle? – With direct mail marketing, it’s important not to put the cart in front of the horse. Before starting your campaign, you should have your direct mail marketing plan available to consult. How often do you want to send your mail pieces? How much can your budget support? By following your direct mail marketing plan, everything else can fall into place without any worry of overwhelming yourself mentally or financially.
  2. What Area Do You Want to Target? – Make sure to have an area in mind before you set up your campaign. If you have your own mailing list, we can use that for your campaign. We can also provide a mailing list if needed. We can pull a list by county, city, or zip code.
  3. What Type of Property Are You Targeting? – Are you looking for absentee owned properties, owner occupied properties, notice of defaults, delinquent taxes, or something else entirely? When it comes to the actual property, consider what is important to you: when it was purchased, the life stage of the owner, the equity amount, the market value, the number of bedrooms/bathrooms, or anything else? By planning the typed of property you would like to target, you can add mailing list filters to ensure you are focusing on your ideal audience.
  4. What Mail Piece Would You Like to Use? – Yellow letters, typed letters, color letterhead letters, stationery letters, postcards, greeting cards, and custom mail pieces…each mail piece offers different benefits. While it can take some testing to find which mail piece performs the best in your area, you should have an idea of which mail piece may work well for your mailing list. Looking for a casual approach? Yellow letters and stationery letters may be the best choice! Need a more formal appearance? Typed letters and color letterhead letters may work best. Postcards work well for follow ups, while greeting cards, stationery letters, and custom mail pieces can show your creative side. Whichever mail piece you send, make sure it will compliment your mailing list.
  5. What Do You Want to Say? – You can choose from our several available templates that have been proven to get results. Make sure your message clearly states what you can offer your leads. If you choose to use a custom message instead, focus on keeping your verbiage concise and easy to navigate.
  6. What Phone Number Should You Include? – You can use any phone number you would like. Using a cell phone will help you answer as many calls as possible. Not keen on using your personal number? You can set up a call forwarding number that will forward calls to your phone instead. You can also choose to use a business number or a call answering service. The phone number you use can also help you track your response, so choose thoughtfully.
  7. What Return Address Should You Use? – Using a local address works best for direct mail marketing campaigns. A business address, or an address of one of your vacant rental properties, can appear the most authentic. You can also use a PO Box or an out of state address, though this can impact your response rate.

By following your direct mail marketing plan and preparing your campaign checklist, you can help your campaign hold a competitive edge! For more information about what to prepare for you campaign, contact us today!

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